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About us

About Us

Bienvenue to the largest online boutique for glamourous Angélique de Paris jewels.

Experience 24-hour luxury shopping of The World's Most Exquisite jewels with confidence, selection and exceptional service.  A jewel box of accessories awaits you.

Angélique de Paris, the originator of resin and gemstone-intense jewelry has just launched their new 2016 LOOKBOOK of Exquisite Jeweled JET SET Collections, which transports one into the luxurious and colorful aesthetic of the brand.  Discover the Ultimate Luxury of the finest jewels created by a World Traveler for the Elite World Travelers.

The new collection is a sensory experience of extraordinary colour, unique gems, magnificent designs and innovative materials such as Shagreen, Python, vibrant Leather and exotic woods.  The vivid mood of designer, Angélique Knafo and her creations are meant to embellish women with show-stopping jewels.    “Jewelry is an art form that reflects the wearer and the uniqueness of natural gems.   I seek the most flattering colours, cuts and gemstones to bring out a woman’s beauty”, says Angélique.  2016 inaugurates delicious accessories in hand-carved Burmese Jade, African Turquoise, Lavender Jade and more inspired by the artist’s world travels and background in Art History. 

Elements of surprise married with meticulous detailing offer a refreshing and unprecedented combination of High Fashion and Fine Jewelry.  Each distinctive Jewel has enamored legions of women to covet and collect Angélique de Paris.  “A gradual shift is the jewelry industry has revolutionized as women invest and purchase their own jewelry and consequently collect a wardrobe of jewels to match their many moods and outfits”, notes Angélique.   Destination jewels over-deliver with elegance, presence and to enjoy for life’s destinations near and far.    

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